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August 28, 2009

trench coat

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n1134814399_30481401_5227452 This trench coat is LOVE. I wonder where he got this. Just saw this picture in facebook by the way, and I easily fell in love with it. This is simply perfection. Would really love to have this item.

June 4, 2009

topman & topshop sale

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Guys, forget about swine flu! Topman and Topshop are on sale! This is it! But I’m more excited for the Mid-year private sale! I can’t wait for my invitation. Anyway, go to their nearest shop now and buy!

June 3, 2009

my picks: fall 2009 collection

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Designer: Miharayasuhiro
I love the one in the left. The all black ensemble may seem to be the conventional style throughout the years, but this specific look brings out the chicness that most 3-piece suit lack.
Designer: Burberry Prorsum and Bill Brandt
In the picture below, I specifically like the first two looks. For one, the trench coats have this 2 shades of black that fit well together. Moreover, the slim-fit style of the coat and the rolled up sleeves bring out the edginess that most suits nowadays lack.
Designer: Hutson
I really, really love the brown trench coat seen in the picture below. It is mainly because most guys wear black trench coats that I feel like this uber chic brown trench coat would emanate a look that would make one really stand out in the crowd. And oh yeah, did I mention how cool the belt is? And that gray pants that’s rolled up, which is by the way the in thing last season. Gosh, I so love this look.

Images are all from El Bosquejo

November 15, 2008

trench coats

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Trench coats are definitely hot! And when you are someone like me who lives in a tropical country like the Philippines, they can literally be hot to wear. But in anyway, I still love trench coats because it adds to the sophistication of anyone who wears it. Just make sure that the cut and the design is right, and that you have the height to wear it. Personally, I think trench coats are to be worn by people over 6 feet. Otherwise, you would look like someone who just got out of the shower. Get what I mean?

Anyway, since one of my friends, who will be off to China this December, is trying to look for a good trench coat, here are some of my suggestions. 

burberry-trenchThis very chic trench coat shown above is from Burberry, the known pioneer for such genius creation. This is a double-breasted belted trench coat made out of cotton. The simplicity of the design and the chicness of the cut would surely accentuate and level-up one’s style. 









hugo-trench-coatThis lambskin leather trench coat shown above is just perfect. The classic double-breasted trench is given a twist by the leather that it is made of, which can totally add to the sophistication of your look. This one’s from Hugo Boss by the way.









photolarge28985This last piece is from Bill Tornade. This belted wool trench coat with a plaid pattern throughout gives me the goosebumps. The whole get-up represents the union of the modern man and the classic, sophisticated man, which is very unlikely nowadays.  So hats off to Bill Tornade for this wonderful piece.

Gosh! I wish I could wear one of these someday. But anyway, I really love the Burberry trench coat!

Photo Credits: Stylehive

November 14, 2008

fashion must-haves

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God knows how long it has been since I last shopped for new clothes. And thank God ‘coz tomorrow will be my shopping day, thanks to my mum. Yay for me! Anyway, if i were to be given an unlimited amount of moolah tomorrow, I would prefer buying the ones I saw in GQ earlier today. As of the moment, I am loving these pieces.

formal look

This two-button suit is the “in” thing nowadays. It gives a slimmer and a much more elegant look with its fresh and young cut. So what are you waiting for? Get one now! This suit is by Boss Selection from Hugo Boss.









casual wear

For a comfortable casual wear, this ensemble is just perfect. A cardigan on top of a shirt with a tie gives a somehow preppy look, which is balanced by the simplicity of the shorts. However, since I live here in a third world country called Philippines, wearing this ensemble would be like wearing nothing in a snow day. In other words, or to put it simply, I would only sweat like hell if I wear this. I just wish I am in Europe right now. Anyway, this cotton cardigan is by Hilifiger Denim.

These two styles are so on top of my list now. I just wish I have enough moolah to purchase everything. Oh well, that would be it for now.

Photo credits: GQ

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