tales of a sober lad

January 31, 2009

overwhelming futility

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I’m tired.

Been out of the blogosphere for quite some time now and I still can’t figure out the reason why I’ve been having a hard time trying to express myself in words. Even right now, I actually don’t know what to write. This month has been literally and emotionally tiring and depressing for me. And it sucks to know that my energy has been consumed so much that I can’t think rationally anymore. Add to that the fact that my mood swings are back. I know I’ve been a little different lately and I’m aware that the change has not been for the better, that’s why I would like to apologize for all my pointless ranting and irrational behaviors. I hope February would be a better month. It’s my birth month anyway. I’m really excited for my birthday! My past three birthdays have literally sucked and i don’t want another year of that kind.

Anyway, enough of this. I’m making nonsensical arguments again. Bye.

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