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August 28, 2009

trench coat

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n1134814399_30481401_5227452 This trench coat is LOVE. I wonder where he got this. Just saw this picture in facebook by the way, and I easily fell in love with it. This is simply perfection. Would really love to have this item.

June 3, 2009

my picks: fall 2009 collection

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Designer: Miharayasuhiro
I love the one in the left. The all black ensemble may seem to be the conventional style throughout the years, but this specific look brings out the chicness that most 3-piece suit lack.
Designer: Burberry Prorsum and Bill Brandt
In the picture below, I specifically like the first two looks. For one, the trench coats have this 2 shades of black that fit well together. Moreover, the slim-fit style of the coat and the rolled up sleeves bring out the edginess that most suits nowadays lack.
Designer: Hutson
I really, really love the brown trench coat seen in the picture below. It is mainly because most guys wear black trench coats that I feel like this uber chic brown trench coat would emanate a look that would make one really stand out in the crowd. And oh yeah, did I mention how cool the belt is? And that gray pants that’s rolled up, which is by the way the in thing last season. Gosh, I so love this look.

Images are all from El Bosquejo

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