tales of a sober lad

November 14, 2008

constant change

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Buongiorno! Here I am again, wondering and wandering.

A new blog is born and baptized as I try to compose myself, yet again, after incurring a tremendous amount of inflictions from my past. The need for a new outlet seems to be vital in order for me to function with normalcy. That is why I find it just essential to move on. 

My past blogs (yeah, I already had two: one from blogspot and another from livejournal) cover at least a brief part, or a chapter, of my life. Each one apparently holds the different misfortunes, as well as a bit of the good things that I have had in the past months, or years. And though some blog posts were a product of my insanity, paranoia, and bothersome, each one was still composed with sheer honesty.

But enough of that. I am now about to begin another chapter, which I promise to be very different. This time, I will do things my way. No more hesitations, no more what-ifs, and no more regrets from now on. Everything that will be written here will be emanated with full honesty. Thus, if ever anything here causes you pain or hurts you in one way or another, I would not be held responsible. It is, or was, whichever applies, your choice to read my entries anyway.

So I guess this is the mark of this blog’s beginning.


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