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May 31, 2009

i’m back

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loveSo yeah, I’ve been out of the blogosphere for quite a while and it’s primarily due to the lack of inspiration to write. A lot has happened lately and enumerating every single thing would be like counting sand, so I would rather not go to that direction. But anyway, little by little, the desire and the need to write are slowly coming back to me and I’m seriously loving it.

Well to be honest, I’m happy right now. Whether or not this feeling would move at an increasing rate is still in question, but I just want to think and believe that it would. Anyway, I think it’s always better to be optimistic, right? So basically, I just want to share that I’m very happy right now because someone’s making me happy. I’m not quite sure if that person is aware of the impact that that person is bringing on me given my situation, but I would like to believe that that person does know. Because after all, I have showed every sign that I could deliver to show my happiness to that person. Ugh ok I’ll stop talking na. I don’t want to be too happy. Too much is not good sometimes anyway.

Till then!

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