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March 24, 2009

an hour of desperation

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March 18, 2009

Only yesterday did I realize the value of an hour.

Yes, to some people, an hour is just another 60 minutes that can be taken for granted or can be wasted by basically playing video games enthusiastically, by sleeping in class until the bell rings, or by sleeping while dreaming of being the next James Bond.

And yesterday, it really frustrated me to know that I don’t have that hour anymore to spend more time with my friends. My dad called me up and said that he was already about to fetch me because I need to be admitted to the hospital immediately. And I panicked so much because I have not been able to say goodbye to most of my friends. And it really, really made me feel bad. I was really upset and was angry at my dad for not giving me the chance to be with my friends for the last time in a normal situation. Now that I’ll be stopping my schooling for about a year, the thought of not being able to see my friends frequently destroys me.

I just wished that I had than 1 hour or more to say my goodbyes and my see you laters. But oh well…as the cliché goes, “There’s always a next time.” So I guess I’ll just have to wait for that time.

Anyway, have to rest now. I need to be perfectly healthy and strong before my first chemotherapy. Till next time! 🙂

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