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November 23, 2008

route to stress

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18 years ago, I was just a tiny fetus inside my mum’s womb, exceptionally excited to see what’s in store for me in the outside world, without having to worry about the complications of life.

17 years ago, I was just a tiny infant curiously trying to learn how to balance my walk whilst trying to not acquire any wound that may leave scars on my skin.

16 years ago, I was just a child energetically running around in circles, unconsciously trying to bump everyone who gets in my way without getting spanked by another kid.

15 years ago, I was just a child annoyingly crying for candies because mum would not allow me to have one because she said candies are bad for my teeth.

14 years ago, I was just a kid seriously trying to memorize the alphabet, so dad would not force me to recite it in front of them repeatedly every night without committing any faults.

13 years ago, I was just a kid gleefully trying to enjoy all the toys in my room, especially my toy cars and my puzzles, without even worrying about how dainty my room would be.

12 years ago, I was just an unruly brother, viciously trying to hurt my brother because he likes to play with my toys.

11 years ago, I was just a bully classmate, naughtily trying to make other kids cry because I basically didn’t like them.

10 years ago, I was just a religious visitor of the guidance office because my behaviour seemed to piss everyone, even my teachers.

9 years ago, I was a changed child. At that time, I was one of the most respected persons in town.

9 years after those 9 years ago, I am already a college student, trying to finish all my requirements, so as to graduate in time. However, it’s not THAT easy. Believe me. Whoever said college life is a piece of a cake must be gravely locked in the mental hospital right now. And he must be dying of regret for saying such statement. Or maybe he’s already a victim of a homicide case due to the countless stabs college students inflicted on him.

And oh, trust me, suicidal thoughts continuously cross my mind every time I see the writings on my planner getting squeezed by each other. It’s as if there are no available spaces to write on. All the sleepless nights and never-ending papers inevitably contribute to the undying stress that I incur every day. The black circles around my eyes are certainly not caused by aging, but by the enormous lack of sleep and voluntary widening of the eye. Caffeine must have not given up on me yet. And it’s distressing to know that because nothing can really lull me to slumber. Gosh! Even the most boring song can’t make me hate the thought of being awake. (Shout out to OPM songs! LOL.)

Growing old can really be tough most of the times. Though many people suggest that enjoying life can make things better, given all the externalities present nowadays, saying it is way much easier than doing it actually.

Oh how I wish I am still a one-year old infant, wherein all I’ll think about is how to walk and how to say properly my first word. Or maybe a 5-year old kid, wherein all I’ll think about is how to play all my toys at the same time, without worrying about breaking any rules or anything of the kind.

Time really flies. I just hope my wings are always ready to fly as well. And I hope it’s always clean. Who wants a dirty wing, anyway? LOL.

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