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November 14, 2008

fashion must-haves

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God knows how long it has been since I last shopped for new clothes. And thank God ‘coz tomorrow will be my shopping day, thanks to my mum. Yay for me! Anyway, if i were to be given an unlimited amount of moolah tomorrow, I would prefer buying the ones I saw in GQ earlier today. As of the moment, I am loving these pieces.

formal look

This two-button suit is the “in” thing nowadays. It gives a slimmer and a much more elegant look with its fresh and young cut. So what are you waiting for? Get one now! This suit is by Boss Selection from Hugo Boss.









casual wear

For a comfortable casual wear, this ensemble is just perfect. A cardigan on top of a shirt with a tie gives a somehow preppy look, which is balanced by the simplicity of the shorts. However, since I live here in a third world country called Philippines, wearing this ensemble would be like wearing nothing in a snow day. In other words, or to put it simply, I would only sweat like hell if I wear this. I just wish I am in Europe right now. Anyway, this cotton cardigan is by Hilifiger Denim.

These two styles are so on top of my list now. I just wish I have enough moolah to purchase everything. Oh well, that would be it for now.

Photo credits: GQ

a shawl of security

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A friend once told me to always keep track of my true friends. When I asked him why, he basically told me to just do it. Now, I cannot help but think of who to genuinely trust. I have a long list of friends, and a number of close friends, but the number is too overwhelming to narrow down and assess.

If you were to ask me to identify the people who I consider my true friends, I would probably answer you with a sigh. It is not because of the bogus fact that I do not actually consider anyone, but it would most likely be because of the fact that I have not really thought about it. I can give you like three people right now, and then the rest would be subjected for consideration. 

To name the three, oh yeah, I forgot, I will not drop names here so as to not create conflicts. So anyway, I would just describe them and use code names.

First one would be Twin. We have only been friends for less than 3 years and I must say Twin has been one of the people who I have become comfortable with. Twin and I share a lot of commonalities, thus the name Twin. From the food we eat to the style of fashion we adore, we basically like the same thing. On the other hand, with regards to our personal lives, we try to share with each other both our down and happy moments. We consider ourselves as each other’s outlets whenever we want to let something out of our system, especially when we have negative thoughts or feelings towards something or someone. 

And when one of us is wrong, or when one of us is trying to prove something that is merely nonsensical, we try to be as objective as possible to correct each other’s mistakes. Though we have encountered some scuffles in the past, which by the way really took a toll on me and on our friendship, I am just glad to have Twin with me. I really could not imagine my life without Twin. But I am guessing that a life without Twin would be like a life living without a pair of legs, or an ear, or an eye, or a middle finger (you could not just fuck off someone, ha-ha). I could say a lot more about Twin, but I would just leave it to that.

The second person would be…BigBro. I could not really think of a better name, but I guess BigBro would perfectly fit him. As the name would suggest, I look up to him as my big brother. In my entire existence in this planet, I have never, ever had a big brother to look up to. That is why I feel so lucky to have him with me, though there were times when we often have disagreements on things. But nevertheless, his presence compensates for every misunderstanding that we have had in the past.

The last person would be BigSis. Uh-uh, you guessed it right! Ever since my sister got married and left, she has been the one who somehow have replaced the position of my biological sister. Her words of wisdom never failed to make me realize the things that I should be thankful for. Her small pep talks regarding my problems have always helped me remain sane and far from being paranoid. That is why even though we spend less time with each other, I feel lucky to have her in my life.

Well…that would be it. Three is not bad, right? By the way, for the record, I am not saying that my other close friends are not true to me or whatever. Let’s just say that I have not really fully realized their genuineness towards me as of the moment. But who knows, time makes things happen.

Anyway, what I am trying to say here is that it is important to recognize the people who we truly care for and who truly care for us. But I’m telling you, it’s not that easy to identify those people because sometimes they are not actually the kind of people we believe they are. But hey, it’s only a matter of trusting the right people, so go ahead! Don’t doubt, just believe!

constant change

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Buongiorno! Here I am again, wondering and wandering.

A new blog is born and baptized as I try to compose myself, yet again, after incurring a tremendous amount of inflictions from my past. The need for a new outlet seems to be vital in order for me to function with normalcy. That is why I find it just essential to move on. 

My past blogs (yeah, I already had two: one from blogspot and another from livejournal) cover at least a brief part, or a chapter, of my life. Each one apparently holds the different misfortunes, as well as a bit of the good things that I have had in the past months, or years. And though some blog posts were a product of my insanity, paranoia, and bothersome, each one was still composed with sheer honesty.

But enough of that. I am now about to begin another chapter, which I promise to be very different. This time, I will do things my way. No more hesitations, no more what-ifs, and no more regrets from now on. Everything that will be written here will be emanated with full honesty. Thus, if ever anything here causes you pain or hurts you in one way or another, I would not be held responsible. It is, or was, whichever applies, your choice to read my entries anyway.

So I guess this is the mark of this blog’s beginning.


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